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Did you know Hong Kong has a lot of special types of snacks, for example custard eggette, fake shark fin soup, stinky tofu, lettuce with fish soup, fish balls, put chai ko, mixed beef, waffle, fried squid etc.

They all are served in paper bags or plastic foam boxes and use bamboo sticks or fork to eat.

From this snack culture, you may see the characteristic of HK; HK people not only pace is fast, working speed is fast their eating habit also requires to be fast also.

Now, you are a hawker in Hong Kong and need to service the customers quickly who have specific wants consisting of different ingredients.

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"I like this kid-friendly style of cell-shaded big-headed characters" - appsafari.com

- A lot of traditional Hong Kong street-side snacks
Such as "Custard Eggette", "Stuffed Bean Curd", "Stinky Tofu", "Fish Balls", "Put Chai Ko", "Beef Ball", "Waffle", "Fried Squid", "Grid Cake", etc.

- Real Hong Kong Map
Hong Kong's most famous places are included/shown in the map.
Buy shops from the map to unlock more challenges.

- Rating
Different shops has its own rating

- Colorful Graphics

- Multitasking
Multitasking on compatible iOS 4 devices

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The Hawker
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