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Pets Daily 描述

This application is a platform which allow all pet owner to share the daily news of their pets, and also find any interest things from other pet owner. Besides, it is a communication channel between pet owner in different place, no matter they know each other or not. They can share their experiences of feeding their pet.
You can create a profile for their pets, upload funny picture of their pet, so that user can keep track of the life with their pet, in additional, embedding photo editing function to make an image become more attractive, It is easier to review every funny time with user's pets. Besides reviewing the diary by yourself, you can also share it to your friends.
Functionality and Design
-create profile for user's pet
-upload and share photo of user's pet
-photo editing
-subscribe other pets which you like too
-communicate with user
-search some useful information, such as pet shop and pet clinic

Pets Daily 更新内容

Pets Daily
开发商:AMC Workshop Ltd.

电话:2345 0271

App 大小
IOS : 25.59 MB
Android : 4.59 MB
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App 版本
IOS : 1.3.2
Android : 1.1
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