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Zombie Dodgeball

Zombie Dodgeball 描述

Zombies!! They were everywhere. The entire townsfolk lived in the fear of these walking dead men. No one knew what to do about them… Until… A group of elementary school kids, determined to save their town, fought back the best way they knew how… dodgeball, ZOMBIE DODGEBALL. Pick up the ball, throw, dodge, before you turn into a live snack!

Simple gameplay with great depth
-Just pick and play - as simple as that, with enough content to get you going

Multitude of weapons, locations and playable characters
-Killing zombies was never more fun

Weekly Tournaments
-Be the pro zombie killer among your friends

Game Center
-Full Game Center integration with leader board and achievements

Boss Fights
-Fight boss zombies and disinfect the town

Facebook integration
-Share each and every moment of fun with your friends and let them know about your awesomeness

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Zombie Dodgeball

电话:3488 4402


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IOS : 1.3
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