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Go Alien Go! 征服地球大作战

Go Alien Go! 征服地球大作战 描述


一次宇宙的爆炸,令附近的外星人们不幸沦为宇宙的难民,在太空漫无目的地流浪。你 - 宝贝小黄瓜,从小就梦想要寻找一个充满欢乐和食物的星球去移民。侥幸逃过宇宙大爆炸的你,现在正是时候出走了...

有一天,地球的引力把你的飞船拉下来。这里风景如画,新鲜的空气,无尽的海洋,蔚蓝的天空,还有美味的动物... 地球的一切都令你犹如置身於天堂!现在正是一个好机会去逐步侵占地球。征服地球,把所有的东西都据为己有吧!


★★★ 刺激的挑战 ★★★
超过 100 个不同的任务!

★★★ 新奇的装备 ★★★

★★★ 外星的伙伴 ★★★

★★★ 优美的画面 ★★★

★★★ 隐藏的关卡★★★
你认识地球吗? 你知道地球还有隐藏的一面未被开发吗?开启新的地图,你就会知道答案了!


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Wake Up, Alien! The Invasion begins! Conquer the place you like and catch the animals as many as you can. Very soon you will become the Emperor of the world!

Ever since the harmful explosion, aliens from your planet are forced to travel around the space like refugees. You, Alien Cucumber, always dream to find a great planet to live, a planet with space, food, happiness, and a place that can become your new home. Here comes the chance…

One day, when you’re driving your little spaceship to search for food, gravity of the Earth pulled you into it! Fresh air, endless sea, blue sky and tasty animals… this is the heaven that fits you and your alien family perfectly! And now you’ve got the excellent opportunity to control the Earth step by step. Let’s conquer the land and turn all things into yours!

Amazing Features:

★★★ Thrilling Challenges ★★★
Hours of gameplay with over 100 missions!
From US to China, you are going to invade 6 awesome areas and 2 mysterious places in the earth.

★★★ Get Your Weapons ★★★
Equip yourself with a larger UFO and even upgrade your alien. It will give you advantage in your invasion!

★★★ Play with Your Friends ★★★
You are never alone! Call upon your Friends to help you in battle or challenge others in the Weekly Leaderboard.

★★★ Stunning Visuals and Audio ★★★
Sparkling animations, gorgeous graphics and high-quality music and sound effects, the alien invasion has never been so Exciting & Fun!

★★★ Free Updates ★★★
Do you really think you know the world enough? Do you think there’re secret places people haven’t discovered yet? Unlock secret levels in the game and you will know the answer!

Are you ready to conquer some areas now? Download “Go Alien, Go!” today for FREE!

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Go Alien Go! 征服地球大作战
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IOS : 1.0.2
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