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Galaxy Ranger

Galaxy Ranger 描述

The endangered alien animals of the universe desperately need you to save them from extinction. Won’t you please accept the challenge to save them from predators and nurture and breed these wonderful creatures from all over the universe?

We are counting on you Cosmic Ranger!


★ Travel to distant planets with the mission to save endangered alien animals.

★ Bring your alien animals home to nurture and breed them.

★ Feed and care for your alien animals and their offspring.

★ Release the alien animals back into the wild to repopulate their home planets.

★ Defeat hostile aliens and collect valuable treasures.

★ Collect dozens of fantastic alien animals.

★ Cross breed aliens to come up with unique creatures.

★ Build up and decorate your home planet with wondrous decorations from outer space!

Play now and save the universe’s most amazing animals!


• Network connection is required.

• Requires iOS 4 or later.

• Runs on iPhone 4S, 4, 3GS, iPod touch 3rd or 4th gen, iPad, and iPad 2.

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Galaxy Ranger

电话:3488 4402


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IOS : 1.0.2
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