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Have you ever wondered what your friends or other people around the world are doing at a certain moment and place? Or where and when did the photos of them were actually taken? Have you ever wanted or tried to capture any exact moment in a exact place in your life?

Now, we got you a solution! It's easy! Take a photo with InstaTime, and post it to Instagram or Facebook to share with your friends and other people around the world of what you are doing at an exact moment and location.

InstaTime provides you a real time clock and location detection, it can capture the exact time and place when you take a photo and the timestamp and the location will be showing on your photo. You can choose the font you like, e.g. Appleberry, Hangover Monday, Homestead, and more, and post your photo on Facebook or Instagram!

Get Instatime now! Share with your friends what you are doing at an exact moment and location, and see what your friends are doing as well! Get it NOW!

Don't forget to tag #instatimeapp on Instagram!

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