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InstaMustache allows you to add colorful and eye-catching mustache onto the photos of you and your friends!

Simply add a Hungarian mustache to your BFF or add a Horseshoe mustache to your mum, then share it to your friends on Instagram!

Turn your photos into funny ones with InstaMustache and share all the joyful moments with everyone around you!

Decorate your photos with all sets of beautifully designed and unique mustaches

#Take or choose a photo
#Edit it with filters
#Add mustache(s) to the photo
#Resize and/or rotate the mustaches the way you want to
#Create a unique photo of you and your friends
#Share it on Instagram!

Have fun with InstaMustache and share your joyful moments with your friends!


Don't forget to tag all your photos with #instamustache and @instamustacheapp to join the fun!

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