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Ninja In Barrel is Free Now in Google Play. Enjoy it.
"I could say that this is the best one I tried yet, almost never keep playing this sort of games this long, but Ninja In Barrel mixes all them up in a nice and challenging package. "
***From Touch Arcade Player***
"Enjoying this one, has a lot more depth than other games in this genre AND has a Ninja! "
***From Touch Arcade Player***
Lots of challenging fun. Great way to exercise your brain and enjoy a well-designed game.
***From USA Player Kirsdanny***
I usually don't write any reviews--but I thought this game was a pretty good find from Appshopper. The graphics were cute and colourful, providing an awesome puzzle-gaming experience.
***From Canada Player sweet403candy***

Insane puzzle game to Challenge. Slide your finger to move Ninja GemGem and kill all monsters. Since Ninja GemGem is stuck inside the magic barrel, he could only stop moving when collided with something. Think twice about your move and make use of the monsters and world objects wisely.
Ninja GemGem lives in a peaceful village. One day, monsters appear out of nowhere started to attack the village. Ninja GemGem, who has obtained the Magic Barrel from Fairy, thus transformed to a Ninja and started to save the village.
- More than 100 levels of well-designed adventure across 5 worlds, with more to come!
- 20 extreme adventure which challenge your puzzle solving skill. Only the smartest can solve those.
- 14 cute monsters to slash.
- Every level include hints to guide you through the level.
- Use fairy to instantly win the level.
- More than 20 objects to help you save the village from monsters: Portal, Totem, Fence, Quicksand, Mirage, Ice Ball and much more!
- Compare your progress with other Barrel Ninja around the world
- More than 20 achievements. Can you get all of them?
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Ninja In Barrel
开发商:4Play Studio

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Android : 1.2.0
IOS : 1.2.1
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